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Literature Review of Race and Racism

Literature Review of Race and Racism

Yahaya, A., Ing, T. C., Lee, G. M., Yahaya, N., Boon, Y., Hashim, S.,  Taat, S. (2012). The impact of workplace bullying on work. Archives Des Sciences, 65(4), 18-28.

In this investigation, a quantitative approach examined the problem of workplace bullying from a theoretical viewpoint. This study reviewed the relationship between workplace intimidation and employees work performance. The Negative Acts Questionnaire (NAQ) consisted of 22-item of the harmful actions, with variances related to bullying and work-related harassment. Data was accumulated from 217 employees from an ASEAN region. The employees worked in a plastic manufacturing company. The reliability analysis for workplace bullying was .923 and job performance was 0.836. The data analysis by SPSS 16.0 uncovered that there was a significant positive relationship between workplace bullying and towards job performance. The outcomes showed that the three predictor factors accounted 51% increase in work performance.

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